We have prepared for you an interesting and curious information related to the safety car driving and proper operation. Learn how to prepare and react in different situations and many others. Inform yourself and choose the right car hire for you. Make your business trip, holiday or transfer more pleasant with the wide range of vehicles.

Tips when you book a car rental

Once you have decided to rent a car from NN Rent A Car, make your reservation as early as possible, choose your car wisely according your needs, don’t forget your passport / ID card and driving license.

Don’t leave your belongings in the car, don’t forget to refuel and in case of car accident – call us!

Drive at night

After sunset many of the drivers don’t like to drive at night because of the difficulty to see clear. What are the main issues when driving at night?

Main issue when driving at night are the lights of opposite driving cars. They can cause discomfort on the road, and strain the senses further. Irritating light can blind or distract the driver and he may not react adequate if something happen.

Reflections of the lights in a combination with wet road is even worse. Drivers should be very careful in situation like that because traffic lights and street lamps are also involved.

Unfortunately, some of the streets and roads are not well-lit, reflective safety lights on the roadway are missing, so the visibility is limited.

Because of these reasons, the drivers should be very careful. They should await eventual appearance of a pedestrian and should not drive fast.

Wear a seat belt

When you drive, you should always put your seat belt on! No matter how fast you drive or how far you go, the absence of seat belt may lead to serious injury or death.

Young car drivers and their companion have the worst habits when we are talking about wearing a seat belt. At the same time the most car accidents are their fault. They consider as ridiculous to put their seat belt on and also that when wear it they don’t look cool.

If you drive without a belt, you will be fined, the law requires that the driver and the passengers should always travel with a seat belt on.

On a vacation with kids ?

Long waited vacation is coming and together with it more stress and concerning about how are you going to handle with the kids are coming too.

Older children are quite easier to handle with during the holiday. For example, 7 years old needed only a bottle of water, few snacks and their favorite game. When it comes to 1-2 years old kid, things become much more serious. They require more attention and care. Here are a few simple rules that will help you when you are on a vacation with kids:

  • Get some food and drinks, and place them close to you, so they can be on easy to access.
  • Get ready for the mess – little kids make lots of mess, so it will be good to have several packages of wipes in the car.
  • Make sure that your kids have their favorite toys.
  • Make them feel comfortable – give yourself more pleasure on the road with our 7 seaters. You can also book a baby seat or baby booster for your little kids.
  • Make stops more often when you are on a vacation with little kids – they don’t like to stay hold, they like to play and run.

Safety distance while driving

The number of traffic accidents due to non-keeping safety distance is quite large.

For your safety and tranquility you need to know what should be the safety distance between two cars on the road, how to evaluate this distance, and how much time is needed to react.

The distance, you need to keep while driving, between your vehicle and the one in front of you is called safety. That distance should provide you with safe and trouble-free stop in case of sudden braking or deceleration of the vehicle in front of you.

How to calculate the correct safety distance?

The safety distance depends on the speed of the vehicle. Therefore it is appropriate not to speak for meters but for seconds. This way will be easier for you to calculate the distances.

The recommended distance that must be followed is: 2 seconds in normal conditions and 3 seconds in adverse weather conditions (rain, snow or fog). I.e the distance that your vehicle travels for 2/3 seconds.


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