Christmas is a very special time in Lebanon, Each region has its own traditions and some even have entire Christmas villages, such as Byblos, Kobayat or the old town of Beirut, where the decorations are particularly festive.


In the capital city, Beirut, big and glamorous Christmas parties are held in major hotels and lots of people like going to them, even if they’re not Christian. Western-style commercial displays, Christmas lights, holly and community Christmas trees are also becoming more popular.


Bikfaya is known for its Christmas fair, where lights decorate the huge trees and the kiosks varied from food to hot wine and a variety of Christmas gift ideas.


Byblos (Jbeil) during Christmas time is transformed into an eventful country, and this one of the reasons why The Byblos Christmas tree was featured in the Wall Street Journal as part of beautiful Christmas trees from around the world.

Le Marche aux Puces - Christmas Edition

Le Marche Aux Puces, a trendy market for vintage items, has been active since 2017. This year it was held for three days from December 8 to 12 at an airy indoor market where people and boutiques can sell second-hand items before the Christmas season.

Batroun Capital de Noel - Christmas Market

Join the Christmas Market in Batroun old Town and help us support local vendors & small businesses with live music, dancing, kids activities and many more events! Meet us from Dec 2nd until Jan 2nd.

Christmas Market at Citymall

Join to discover local brands in food, fashion, local designers and much more!

Expo is on the below dates:
26-27-28 Nov 2021
3-4-5 Dec 2021
10-11-12 Dec 2021
17 to 31 Dec 2021
1-2-3-4 Jan 2022

Lebanese Wineries

Domaine des Tourelles

Built in Chtaura back in 1868 by a Frenchman called Francois-Eugene Brun, Domaine des Tourelles is an authentic domain and charmingly personal.

Château Khoury

You can have lunch in their restaurant and order some tasty Alsatian food matched with their finest wines while enjoying a panoramic view of Zahle, the Bekaa Valley and Mount Hermon.

Château Nakad

Their wine dates from 1923. You should definitely have a look around and enjoy a journey in Jdita.

Château Ksara

The Jesuit monks started growing grapes in the area between Tanail and Zahle producing Lebanon’s first dry wine.

Château Kefraya

Located in Joub Jannin, Chtaura. A lot can be said about that amazing place, from their wine boutique, to their tasty restaurant, well organized vineyards and winery tours, wine tasting sessions … they have it all.


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