If you’re coming to Lebanon for business or leisure and planning on renting a car, you really should be aware of driving safety and the importance it plays in your car’s performance. At NN Rent A Car we take loving care of our fleet because we take pride in what we do. We are committed to delivering safe, reliable cars that are always clean and ready to go.

Why to wear a seat belt?

When you drive, you should always put your seat belt on! No matter how fast you drive or how far you go, the absence of seat belt may lead to serious injury or death.

Putting a belt takes only a few seconds, and if you drive without a belt, you will be fined.

When you have to use fog lights?

Fog lights are used for better visibility when driving in bad weather conditions. But when exactly they can be used? Are the front and rear fog lights mandatory?

The main purpose of the fog lights is to make the road more visible when: fog, snowing, rain or sand storm appear. There are two types of fog lights: front and rear.

What to carry with you on a long trip

It is good to carry with you the car documents, your personal documents-driving license, ID card. It is extremely important and you could show it when they ask you for example at the hotel, restaurant or any other institutions. Carrying documents will save you time and troubles.

On long trips is very important to have food and drinks. Sometimes journeys have unexpected development or last longer than anticipated. If you have enough food and drinks any unforeseen circumstances will not worry you.

It is very important to have clothes for warm and cold regardless of the season. Although summer is warmer, the night temperatures can fall and is good to have warm clothes and shoes for that kind weather. The car that you drive probably has heating and air conditioning, but it will be hard to spend the whole trip there.

You have to charge your phone on full level before you go. You can take with you other devices that will keep you connected with family and friends. It is good to carry portable charger, which could help you to charge your phone directly from the car.

What is the best choice for family car

Perhaps you wonder what type of vehicle will suits best to your needs for family vacation. Which one will be the most comfortable for you and for your children?
That’s why we have prepared some tips that can help you to make the right decision.

  • What to consider when choosing a family car?
  • Comfort;
  • Enough space for all the passengers;
  • Possibility to install baby seats;
  • Flexible inside space. To have choice between more luggage, more seats, or more space for the passengers;
  • Safety and protection on the road;

Drive at night

Main issue when driving at night are the lights of opposite driving cars. They can cause discomfort on the road, and strain the senses further. Irritating light can blind or distract the driver and he may not react adequate if something happen.

Reflections of the lights in a combination with wet road is even worse. Drivers should be very careful in situation like that because traffic lights and street lamps are also involved.


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