Renting a car can make an enormous difference in any vacation, allowing you to leave your resort area for shopping and sightseeing whenever you want, wherever you want, without relying on public transportation. Choosing the right car for your group will maximize your enjoyment and minimize your costs.

Step 1

Count the total number of people that you might transport. If you are visiting family or friends, you may want to ride together to meals or activities. Middle seats and rear seats in some vehicles are fine for small children but uncomfortable for adults. Choose a vehicle that offers comfortable seating for everyone

Step 2

Pile up everything you plan to take, from suitcases to surf boards. Rental car websites generally list the number of average-sized bags that each car can handle but do not account for oversize or oddly shaped items. Use the Internet to research the total cargo capacity you need for the items you will take and measure your pile to make sure it will fit.

Step 3

Perform an Internet search for the fuel economy of the cars you are considering. Small cars generally get better fuel economy than vans or trucks. Balance gas mileage against comfort when choosing your rental car.

Step 4

Read the vehicle descriptions, some cars have extra features such as DVD players and GPS systems in their vehicles, although you may pay a premium. Air conditioning and automatic transmissions are standard.

Step 5

Check the car thoroughly before driving away. Perform a walk-around inspection to look for visible damage and note any problems on the contract. Ensure that the headlights, windows and power steering work properly and note the location and operation of the gas tank. Do not accept a car that makes you feel uncomfortable in any way.


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