Temperature changes are something usual during the Autumn. Rain, fog and even snow are expected then. The nights are longer and that’s why more car accidents happen. We’ve selected some important tips you should keep an eye on.

Our cars are safe and constantly under maintenance. Enjoy the ride without any concerns!

Heated rear window

Check if the heating system for the rear window works properly. It will be very unpleasant surprise if you realize that it’s not working when you need it.


When the temperature becomes lower than 5º-7º you have to change your tires with winter ones. It is dangerous to drive with summer tires during the winter, because they don’t have good traction.

Keep in mind that the tires should be changed every 4-5 years with new ones, because they lose their efficiency. The pressure is another important matter concerning the tires. Always check the pressure before long trips. The seasons and the sea level may increase or decrease the pressure in the tires (the pressure increases with 0,07 atm. on every 10°С difference).

You can find your tires’ pressure requirements into your car guide or on a sticker somewhere in the car. Don’t forget to check your spare tire’s pressure too!

Windshield wipers

Make sure your wipers clean well and do not blur the front/rear window. If this happens, it is time to replace them with new ones. Regularly clean them with a soft cotton soaked in alcohol cloth if you don’t want to buy new ones very often.

Oil check and oil replacement

All the vehicles have low oil level warning light, but we recommend you to make regular check of the oil. When you do it, the car must be on horizontal surface and the engine should be cold. For better accuracy it is necessary to clean the level stick before the check. If the oil level is under the minimum, you must add some until it is enough. Oil replacement should be made after curtain mileage or time. That’s why it is necessary to keep an eye on the schedule for oil change. For longer life of the oil, we advise you to avoid the aggressive driving and frequent short trips.

Under the hood

Check under the hood may allow you to identify visible issues like: leaks, cracks, clamps, timing belt and etc. In case you didn’t notice an issue but there is one, you should call a us.

Our cars are safe and constantly under maintenance. Enjoy the ride without any concerns!


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